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Condo Corporations

Boards of Directors have the challenging task of managing the affairs of their condominium corporation. This role currently comes with no prerequisites or required education, so it can be intimidating and overwhelming without the guidance and mentoring of a professional condominium management company. Today, condominium management is not yet a licensed profession and lacks regulatory oversight; however, the Ministry of Consumer Services has recently announced that as part of the Condominium Act Review process (for more info, click here), condominium management will be licensed and eventually operate under a regulatory regime (details TBD).

Without anyone to turn to, condominium directors may sometimes find themselves in a position where they feel that their management company is no longer servicing their needs or those of their community to their expectations or standards.

If this is your situation or you are looking for professional guidance, please complete the Contact Us form and you will be contacted shortly.

Management Selection Service

If your condominium corporation has had frequent changes of condominium managers and/or condominium management firms over the last year or two, or you plan to change management, but want to do it “right” this time, please contact Robert Buckler by completing the Contact Us form.

Robert’s unique combination of experience within the condominium management field and selection methodology will simplify the process so that the management company best-suited to your community will be one of the finalist candidates to manage your condominium corporation.

Professional Condominium Director or Officer

Condominium corporations are complex entities and many large condominium corporations have multi- million dollar budgets. With this complexity comes a lot of responsibility that the Board of Directors carries. With Robert Buckler’s extensive condominium knowledge, his experience in property management and as a Court-Appointed Administrator, he can provide invaluable assistance to condominium corporations that may need guidance when important decisions have to be made.

Robert will attend Board meetings at an affordable rate and in conjunction with management, will offer an objective point of view.

Condominium Board Assistance

Condominium board members may have questions or issues that need to be addressed and before engaging the services of a condominium lawyer (at potentially great expense), Robert Buckler can assess your situation to provide possible options or solutions to resolve problems. This may include liaising with the property manager or facilitating a meeting to come up with a compromise suited to the situation.

If you are interested in any of these services, please complete the Contact Us form and you will be contacted shortly.